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Ancient Chinese Sculptures – And What We Learn From Them

This is my first time writing a blog post and I want to talk about something that I am very passionate about – and something that has taken me to the field of sculpture and waxing.

The Ancient Chinese civilisation dating back even to 200BC places their artisans on high pillars in societ. Unlike the Egyptians whose main aims were to immortalise pharoahs with huge structures – Ancient Chinese artisans focused on immortalising the soldier in war.

Soldiers in Ancient Chinese civilisations were told their resting place will be guarded and they will be safe in the afterlife – but only after completion of their tombs – which in many cases had many soldiers.

What many people aren’t aware of when they view the ancient soldier tombs of Ancient Chinese civilisation is that every soldier in the tomb – of which there may be upwards of 5,000 soldiers in one tomb – was modelled after a real life warrior – sometimes the detail would be so fine as to be able to distinguish even after excavation the unique facial features of the soldiers.

There are writings to suggest the soldiers who fought most bravely would be put at the front of the battalion.

Ancient Chinese scultptures have achieved much success – not only in their beauty – but in preserving the culture of the Chinese warrior.

The sculptures are not only beautiful to look at but also are full of expressionist spirit.

In a further blog post I will go into the specific techniques that ancient Chinese artisans used – as well as the tools – which led them to create such beautiful sculptures from stone.

Stay tuned!

After closing my business for over 4 years I have relaunched with the help of a helpful WordPress developer in Sydney named Kosta and one of the recommendations he has given me is to setup a blog.

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